Wallingford, Connecticut-based Coatings Specialist Pauway Corporation Offering Reduced Lead Times for Latest Mil Spec Coatings

Oftentimes, government contracts must be fulfilled within a consolidated timeframe and according to precisely defined parameters. This is especially true for those manufacturing military hardware such as tank and helicopter components, companies that require mil-spec coatings created to stringent production standards. And so the suppliers and specialists chosen to work on contracts must have fast access to a comprehensive array of resources and expertise in order to achievement optimal order fulfillment. It’s the reason many manufacturers across the US now trust Pauway Corporation for exceptional mil-spec coatings products.

Pauway Corporation is a mil-spec coatings leader with over 25 years’ experience working with specialty military coatings. As a Department of Defense contractor, the company has the in-house skill to research, locate and produce a unique range of military coatings according to unique contract specifications. And because they have a team of coatings professionals working around the clock for clientele, they’re also help to help companies resolve manufacturing challenges by putting the finishing touches on their work. It’s the expert coatings service demanded by military contractors across the United States.

An example of the specialty coatings solutions now available through Pauway Corporation is the Mil-C-85322 Elastomeric Polyurethane Rain Erosion Coating, which is designed to be suitable for use on the edges of aircraft and on radar facilities as a protection mechanism. By harnessing products such as the Mil-C-85322 Elastomeric Polyurethane Rain Erosion Coating, military systems manufacturers can ensure that their equipment retains its durability within harsh temperature and weathering conditions over the long-term. This is just one of the many examples of leading quality coatings for which Pauway Corporation has long been known.

To discover more on the full range of mil-spec coatings now included within the Pauway Corporation catalogue, contact their organization headquarters today and speak with an on-site specialist.