Pauway Corporation Now a Trusted Supplier of CARC Painting Supplies to New York Firms

Expert coatings industry leader, Pauway Corporation has announced that they’re now supplying firms across New York with access to the latest in CARC painting products. As an FAA certified repair station, the company specializes in offering an array of CARC coatings, including UTC and Raytheon-approved solutions that are designed to meet the highest industry performance standards for durability.

In combat zones across the globe, military personnel depend upon the performance of their vehicles to ensure their safety during battle scenarios. Oftentimes, military members are subject to a large range of chemical attacks during their time serving their country. And this means that they must harness the latest protection systems to ensure that they are able to perform their duties to the highest of standards. One element within optimal protection is the use of CARCs (Chemical Agent Resistance Coatings), which can be painted on the exterior of land, sea and air vehicles to guard against enemy attack. Now, the team at Pauway Corp is offering New York military hardware manufacturers the latest CARC coatings for their products.

Companies can depend upon the team at Pauway Corporation to deliver expertly crafted CARC coatings to their painting specifications within a reduced timeframe compared to other industry firms. That’s because the organization thrives on meeting delivery timelines and offers a cutting-edge production infrastructure that helps ensure exceptional workmanship. With a full selection of CARC primers and topcoats available, Pauway Corporation is set to become a leading coatings partner to military systems manufacturers across the country.

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