Precise Military Painting Solutions Now Available Through Pauway Corp.

Military painting products must only be procured from those that have the experience and the technical capability to create the solution completely to specification and within a consolidated lead time.  There are a select few companies around the globe that are able to achieve this level of complexity with their painted solutions. And that’s why many clients turn to the team at Pauway Corp, a company that has a dedicated supplier base ready to meet specific military painting demands while maintaining adherence with the strictest of testing protocols.

Since 1979, Pauway Corp. has become one of the most trusted names in the industry for industrial painting, powder coating and screen printing services. Their work helps support the capabilities of organizations within a broad cross-section of markets, including aerospace, electronics, medical, military and OEM. This experience level and diversity of expertise means that the company is now a leading partner to many of the world’s large firms.

It’s the company’s detailed approach to each project that helps provide the foundation to their track-record of success. Consider for example their work within military painting applications. Pauway Corp. is now an FAA certified Department of Defense Contractor that has over 25-years of dedication to building high performance mil-spec coatings. While the company goes to exceptional lengths to ensure that their stock of the most popular topcoats and primers and replenished on a regular basis, Pauway Corp. also offers access to some of the most difficult-to-find specialty coatings via their extensive supplier-base.

Companies are able to contact the team at Pauway Corp. directly when they require specialty coatings for their unique manufacturing requirements. One of the advantages of working with the organization is that the firm’s team has a great understanding of the time and budgetary constraints of the modern manufacturer. And so they’ve built a refined procurement process that allows them to source products within a consolidated timeframe and to offer pricing that helps firms compete with their international counterparts on cost.

The company also has the in-house capabilities to put the finishing touches on military or aerospace work. Consider for example the expertise within their decorating department, where they offer both laser engraving and laser marketing services to apply serial codes, logos graphics and other forms of identification to a range of parts. The company’s laser marking service is ideal for use in industries where the integrity of the surface is of paramount concern. That’s because the process supports the use of laser light for permanent identification through discoloration while leaving little or no tactile feel in the surface marked.

The company’s combination of expert in-house painting services and strategic alliance with leading vendors across the marketplace means that clients also now turn to Pauway Corp. for a turnkey approach to manufacturing projects. From graphic design to sheet metal fabrication, the team at Pauway Corp. can handle each element of parts building projects with seamless efficiency. It’s the leading service for companies on demanding schedules.

To learn more about Pauway Corp. and their work in the industry, contact their company headquarters today. Qualified personnel are standing-by to answer your questions and help your firm meet its unique project requirements.

About Pauway Corp.:

Headquartered in Wallingford, CT, Pauway Corp. is one of the leading US specialists for a broad range of industrial and military coatings application requirements. To learn more, please visit